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Dentistry in Bonita Springs

Patient Comfort and Technology

As with most areas of medicine, dentistry has greatly benefited from advances in technology. Dr. Holzinger continually pursues the latest innovations to bring Bonita Springs patients state-of-the-art dentistry with ultimate comfort and conservative, aesthetic restorations. Explore the evolving world of dental technology that we implement in our office, and call us if you have questions about our tools, techniques, or dental materials.

Intraoral Camera

During an exam at our Bonita Springs dental office, an intraoral camera projects an image from inside your mouth onto a chairside monitor. With the detailed digital image, we can study the smallest details of your dentition and gums. Patients appreciate the images because they allow Dr. Holzinger to actually point out problems and offer explanations, as well as treatment options. When patients understand their restorative, cosmetic, or preventive treatment options, they feel more equipped to choose the best dental treatment plan.

Call our Bonita Springs dental office for more information about intraoral cameras and chairside monitors.

Air Abrasion

In certain situations, before we begin restorative procedures, we can use moderate air abrasion, instead of a dental drill, to remove tooth decay. Usually patients don’t require numbing agents with this gentle process because air abrasion emits no vibration or sound.

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Did you know that your dentist may have the technology to end your snoring? Dr. Holzinger can determine the cause of your snoring with a quick evaluation in our Bonita Springs office. You see, while you sleep, the throat relaxes, allowing enlarged structures in the throat area to collapse and obstruct airflow. If your snoring stems from enlarged anatomical structures within the mouth and throat, a custom oral appliance may help.

If you spend your nights listening to your spouse saw logs, or if you suffer from daytime sleepiness because of snoring or sleep apnea, call our Bonita Springs dental office today. Dr. Holzinger would love to help you get a good night's rest!